Satellite TV – A Sports Paradise

18The thrill of victory never sleeps and neither does the digital signal of satellite TV. Fans of American or European Football, Rugby, Cricket, Major League Baseball and every other sport played, don’t have to miss out on games when they’re favorite teams are playing on opposite channels.

Only satellite TV has the NFL SUNDAY TICKET where nearly 200 NFL games are broadcast. NFL SUNDAY TICKET subscribers can follow favorite NFL teams and get up to 14 games every Sunday. While there aren’t enough hours in a day to watch that many games, satellite TV has the wondrous option of Digital Video Recording. Even while watching games on other satellite TV channels, the DVR can record games in clear, crisp High Definition. The NFL SUNDAY TICKET features 24/7 coverage of original news and information just about the NFL. The fun doesn’t wait until football season starts, activity kicks in prior to the pre-season hype. Home satellite system owners have access to weekly game previews, coaches’ shows, press conferences, fantasy football shows and memorable game replays during the four-week pre-season. Naturally, every pre-season game is available for immediate viewing enjoyment or for replay via the HD DVR.

Satellite TV makes the Setanta Sports network available on a month-to-month basis. When a favorite sport, subscribers are under no obligation to maintain Setanta as part of their overall satellite package. This is satellite TV’s gathering place, where the world comes together for soccer (referred to as Football in most countries) from, the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Asian, Australian and other International Leagues.

The all American past-time gets plenty of coverage on MLB EXTRA INNINGS. When the season hits, satellite TV subscribers score a home run with up to 80 games a week. The local cable company strikes out and can’t compete with Extra Innings’ features. “Game Mix” makes it possible to view up to eight games on a single screen. Satellite subscribers get an yet another perk on MLB, The STRIKE ZONE CHANNEL. Three day a week, the best plays and game highlights throughout the league are broadcast live and in HD.

Local cable is completely defeated by satellite TV when it comes to the range of sports selections and features available for sports fans. With the options of month-to-month subscriptions and HD Digital Video Recording, satellite dish owners are the champs!