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Make Fall Sports Watching More Fun

22We all know that fall is one of the best times to watch sports on TV. Not only do you have the NFL football season in the midst of its season, but you also have college football, the start of both college and pro basketball seasons, and baseball is winding down with its World Series. A better question would be what sport isn’t going strong during the fall? Not too many. That’s why fall is the best time to watch sports on TV. Here are a few ideas to make it even more fun to watch:

Go to a Game!

Yes, get out there an actually go to a game! So many people simply stay home and enjoy their favorite sports from their sofas with an ice cold beer in their hand. Well, that’s a fun and relaxing way to enjoy sports, but sports is an activity. There’s really nothing like going to the ballpark and enjoying some time with the family. You can enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and excitement of a real, live ball game. Even if you live in a rural area, you can certainly get a taste of a real game by checking out your local college team, farm team or even high school teams. Even the smallest high school team game will offer a nice experience, with soda, hot dogs and even popcorn available. You are also supporting your local school by paying for the ticket and buying a few concessions. Why not pick up a nice shirt or hoodie while you’re at it? Show some local pride.

Get a Great Recliner

Let’s say you just decided to stay home, that’s OK too. By staying at home, you can enjoy whatever food and drink you want. You don’t have to be bothered by people sitting near you. There’s no crowd noise. No kids spilling a drink in your lap. To really enjoy a game at home though, you need a really comfortable chair. The best option here is a recliner. You want the kind with soft, cozy padding for your head, arms and everywhere else. You also want it to be able to recline back as far as possible. A great recliner will allow you to relax like nothing else.

Get a Great TV!

Lastly, a great TV is a must for anyone who enjoys watching sports. You’ll want a nice TV with a large screen and good sound. Don’t forget that you want to upgrade your cable or satellite to receive lots of sports channels as well.

Man Cave Sports Bar Decor

21Creating and designing a great sports bar for your Man Cave takes time. You cannot just slap a couple sports pictures on the wall behind your bar and call it a sports bar.

Take the time to build a true bar to entertain your friends when they come over to watch football, baseball or basketball.

Design of Sports Bar

The bar needs to have a seating area for 4 to 6 of your friends. Make sure you have comfortable bar stools and not the cheap ones you can buy at favorite department store. I would go with some heavy metal and vinyl or leather covered chairs. One option is to go with some sports team or beer themed chairs. They cost more than the cheap bar stools, but they will last a long time. Think about the quality and comfort for your bar stools.

A refrigerator in your bar is a necessity. You do not have to have a full size refrigerator, but you do need one larger than your old dorm frig from your college days. Make sure it will hold a couple cases of beer along with some two liters of cola. Here is the main reason you need a refrigerator in your spots bar: Who wants to go up and down the stairs to get refills? The answer is no one. You need to have a refrigerator in your Man Cave sports bar.

Flat Screen TV Location

When you design your bar you need to see how it fits into relation to the flat screen TV. Ideally you want to have unobstructed views to the TV. Here is one solution if this is problem. Buy a 32″ flat screen TV to mount right behind the bar. This way you can feel like you are actually at a sports bar. I would do this even if the TV is unobstructed because it gives your Man Cave a different feel.

Finally the Sports Bar Decor

We now have in our sports bar the following: bar stools, refrigerator and flat screen TV. What is missing? Pictures, signs and banners are the missing elements. You need to have pictures of your favorite team, players or sport.

Showing your passion for your team is a necessity in any Man Cave decor. If you are a big Ohio State Buckeyes fan, but you do not have any pictures or banners are you really a fan?

Show your passion and make the Man Cave decor a shrine to your favorite team. Did they ever win a national championship or a championship? You need to have pictures and other memorabilia from that championship year and team. You cannot call yourself a Boston Celtics fan without pictures of the original Boston Garden.

The last element is a personalized sports bar sign. A personalized sign right behind the bar is the final touch to your Man Cave sports bar. Put some time in creating your bar because you will be spending many hours of enjoyment watching your favorite team play.

For the Sports Fan, Nothing Beats Satellite Television For Exclusive Programming

20Whether it’s March madness or the hot action of Sunday football, sports fans can’t get enough of their games and sporting events. Satellite television has the biggest variety of sports programming available to serious sports fans who want to catch all of the action in the comfort of their own homes. Satellite television also offers more exclusive high definition sporting events than cable does, which makes satellite an attractive option for the sports fan who wants it all – a variety of sports channels and programming and more exclusive access to special events and high definition sports programming than cable.

Sports fans with cable are missing out on a lot of the action. Only satellite can offer hundreds of sports programs and events, ranging from the NFL Season Pass for football lovers to the Cricket Ticket for fans of this game that is known more internationally but has a following in the U.S. You can catch all the action of worldwide sporting events such as Formula One racing and European soccer and rugby matches. Fans of NASCAR will love the Hot Pass which takes them right down to the track as the cars whizz around the racetrack and they feel like they are really in the driver’s seat.

Whatever the sport, satellite television has packages and channels that will please every sport fan, from the football fanatic to the baseball buff. The satellite industry has also invested a lot of time and technology to bring as many exclusive high definition sporting events to its subscribers as they can. You can’t get this kind of access with cable. Exclusive sports programming only available on satellite puts the action of boxing and wrestling right into the viewers homes, and if they have a high definition home entertainment set up, they can enjoy the action with the magic of high definition’s crisp signal and sharp picture that brings sporting events to life right on the screen.

Sports fans that only have cable are missing out on a world of sports programming that even includes regional sports channels so you can follow local college and high school games right up to the action of the big leagues. More and more cable owners are considering switching to satellite because of the wider array of programming available, and sports fans are no exception. Satellite offers the biggest variety of sports programming available anywhere with flexible programming plans and competitive rates that should give cable users a reason to switch over. When you can get a lot more programming, including exclusive high definition events, satellite offers greater access at a competitive price.

Bringing the world of sports into your home is as easy as calling up a satellite provider or going online and seeing for yourself the options available. Cable cannot stack up to satellite when it comes to sports programming and exclusive high definition sporting events that only satellite can offer. Fans that have been in the dark for years will be surprised at the wide range of channels, the flexibility of the plans, and the pricing structure that is competitive with cable, with much more to offer to the most devoted sports fan. For the dedicated sports fan nothing beats satellite television for the widest coverage of sports with the best access to exclusive programming.

How to Jumpstart Your Business With Satellite TV Sports Packages

LAS VEGAS, NV - JANUARY 07:  Toshiba Ultra HD 4K televisions are on display at the Toshiba booth at the 2014 International CES at the Las Vegas Convention Center on January 7, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. CES, the world's largest annual consumer technology trade show, runs through January 10 and is expected to feature 3,200 exhibitors showing off their latest products and services to about 150,000 attendees.  (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

As a business owner or manager, you’re constantly looking for answers. The questions invariably concern generating revenue in one form or another. For bar and restaurant owners, looking to attracting a sports clientele can be the answer to some of these questions. Are you going to benefit from packing your bar with loyal fans of one sport or another? If you think that direction is the right one for your business, there is no reason to hesitate. Here are some ways to use satellite TV sports packages to generate sales.

1. The connection between sports and drinking is undeniable. No one is suggesting you create a roadhouse atmosphere in which anything goes and women are afraid to walk by the entrance. At the same time, appealing to the fans of baseball and football teams could be the best move you make for your bar or restaurant. Baseball and football games are entertainment, and fans try to clear their work schedules in order to see the contests live. When you work hard and look ahead to times of relaxation and entertainment, drinking alcohol is part of the fun. Bar owners should capitalize on the connection.

2. Bringing in fans from all over means building a social network. Once you get fans coming into your bar, café or restaurant, they are going to bond on a number of levels. Maybe they grew up in the same town; maybe they work in the same industry; maybe they just like the same type of music. Whatever connection these people build with one another, they will be establishing your business as a social meeting place. Once you get there, it doesn’t really matter if the ball game is rained out or the favorite teams are down in the dumps. People come for the company as well as the entertainment.

3. Sports contests run long, people get hungry. If you run a good business, you are always looking for ways to tack on items to a check, whether it’s a side dish with the main course or a shot alongside a beer. With big games taking several hours to complete on a regular basis, you will want to amp up your menu a bit, whether it’s snacks for a bar crowd or more extensive meals for the café set. Adding on extras and expanding your business’ repertoire will only mean good things in the end.

4. The schedules run conveniently throughout the year. It’s no accident that baseball season kicks into high gear once the NBA playoffs end, and football begins in earnest once the World Series is over. Everything is mapped out to maximize advertising revenue and allow each professional sport its day in the sun. What that means for your business is the opportunity to tap into a force that does not let up at any point of the year. Whether you consider your place more of a quiet baseball joint or a rowdy football bar, it will pay to open your mind.

Satellite TV – A Sports Paradise

18The thrill of victory never sleeps and neither does the digital signal of satellite TV. Fans of American or European Football, Rugby, Cricket, Major League Baseball and every other sport played, don’t have to miss out on games when they’re favorite teams are playing on opposite channels.

Only satellite TV has the NFL SUNDAY TICKET where nearly 200 NFL games are broadcast. NFL SUNDAY TICKET subscribers can follow favorite NFL teams and get up to 14 games every Sunday. While there aren’t enough hours in a day to watch that many games, satellite TV has the wondrous option of Digital Video Recording. Even while watching games on other satellite TV channels, the DVR can record games in clear, crisp High Definition. The NFL SUNDAY TICKET features 24/7 coverage of original news and information just about the NFL. The fun doesn’t wait until football season starts, activity kicks in prior to the pre-season hype. Home satellite system owners have access to weekly game previews, coaches’ shows, press conferences, fantasy football shows and memorable game replays during the four-week pre-season. Naturally, every pre-season game is available for immediate viewing enjoyment or for replay via the HD DVR.

Satellite TV makes the Setanta Sports network available on a month-to-month basis. When a favorite sport, subscribers are under no obligation to maintain Setanta as part of their overall satellite package. This is satellite TV’s gathering place, where the world comes together for soccer (referred to as Football in most countries) from, the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Asian, Australian and other International Leagues.

The all American past-time gets plenty of coverage on MLB EXTRA INNINGS. When the season hits, satellite TV subscribers score a home run with up to 80 games a week. The local cable company strikes out and can’t compete with Extra Innings’ features. “Game Mix” makes it possible to view up to eight games on a single screen. Satellite subscribers get an yet another perk on MLB, The STRIKE ZONE CHANNEL. Three day a week, the best plays and game highlights throughout the league are broadcast live and in HD.

Local cable is completely defeated by satellite TV when it comes to the range of sports selections and features available for sports fans. With the options of month-to-month subscriptions and HD Digital Video Recording, satellite dish owners are the champs!